Charcuterie Spice Blend: Capicola
Charcuterie Spice Blend: Capicola

Charcuterie Spice Blend: Capicola

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Create an all-time favorite cured meat--capicola. Just ask your butcher to trim a coppa from the heart of the pork shoulder. This Capicola Spice Blend is formulated just for UMAi Dry.



Capicola (also known as coppa) is a type of Italian dry-cured pork that comes from the neck or shoulder of the pig. The meat is first seasoned with a blend of spices such as black pepper, garlic, and fennel seeds, and then cured for several months. The result is a flavorful, tender meat with a marbled appearance. Capicola is often sliced thinly and served as part of an antipasto platter or used as a sandwich meat. It is a popular ingredient in Italian cuisine and is sometimes spelled as "capocollo" or "capicolla."


Ingredients: Sugar, Fennel, Black Pepper, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Nutmeg, Garlic, Thyme.

Usage: 6 tsp(21.25 grams)per pound(454grams) of meat, or use the whole packet with five pounds(approx 2.3Kg) of coppa (muscle within the pork shoulder).

Add Charcuterie Spice Blend to your pre-measured 3% Kosher salt and 0.25% #2 Curing Salt (or Premixed Curing Salts for 5 lb Recipe).
Coat meat completely, and seal in vacuum bag or resealable bag.
Put in the refrigerator and allow to cure thoroughly.
After two weeks, remove from bag and rinse.
Place into UMAi Dry bag while still well-coated with moisture.
Apply UMAi Dry either with vacuum sealer, immersion or netting method.
If you are going to tie charcuterie to shape, best to use butcher's twine over the UMAi Dry membrane.

This blend does not contain: Kosher salt or #2 Curing Salt which are both necessary for safety curing charcuterie.