To use the netting method for drying meat, you will need a piece of wide meat netting that is about 2-3 feet long, which you can obtain from your local butcher or online like amazon. You will also need a chip clip or a zip tie to seal the bag.

Once you have transferred the meat to the UMAiDry® bag, place it tightly in one of the bottom corners of the bag and press out any remaining air to ensure optimal contact with the meat. Use the clip to temporarily seal the bag, and roll any excess UMAi Dry material into a narrow band along one side of the meat.

Next, stretch the meat netting over your forearms and reach through it to grab the bottom end of the UMAi Dry bag. As you slowly ease the netting over the meat towards the opening, hold the narrow folded band of UMAi Dry on the edge to ensure that it does not fold over itself, except along the edge. It may be helpful to have someone else assist you during this step.

Finally, release any air that may have gathered at the open end of the UMAi Dry bag and securely reseal it with the clip or zip tie.

See videos for a better explanation: