How to use

Please refer to the videos below.
-Make sure your fridge temperature is between 1-3C
-in case your fridge has glass shelves, try to use an extra metallic rack or replace the shelve with a metallic one that allows for good air circulation around the bag. Oven wire racks are typically a good substitute.
-in case the meat has bones try to cover the end of the bones with some kitchen paper to protect the bag of being cut by the bones.
 -use big piece cuts not singular steaks (rib eye or striploin is a good starting choice), and make sure it has a decent fat marbling to get better results.
See here an UmaiDry guide for more info. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions about meat ageing. We use these bags too, so we might be able to help with advice.
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Watch some great videos how to use Umai Bags provided by Guga & Umai.