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Dry aging meat is safe when it is done properly and under the appropriate conditions. During the dry aging process, the meat is exposed to air, which can create a potential risk for bacteria growth and contamination. However, the risk can be minimized by controlling the temperature, humidity, and air circulation of the aging environment.

Dry aging can also cause some moisture loss, which can further reduce the potential for bacterial growth. Additionally, the UMAiDry bags used in dry aging meat provide an extra layer of protection against bacteria and mold, as they allow moisture to escape while keeping harmful microorganisms out.

It is important to note that dry aging meat should only be done with high-quality, fresh meat that has been properly handled and stored before aging. It is not recommended to dry age meat at home if you are not familiar with proper food safety practices or if you have any doubts about the quality or safety of the meat. It is always recommended to follow established food safety guidelines and consult with a reputable source before attempting to dry age meat at home.

Experience the best in steak aging with our dry age bags. Keep your steak fresh and delicious, with the added benefit of natural tenderizing. Ideal for restaurants and households, these bags offer a safe and ideal environment to dry age your steaks.